As you can quite clearly see this thing is far from built and cool and stuff. Please be patient, it’s gonna be the most amazing webcomic ever, that you’ve never heard of.
I’ve been reading webcomics religiously for the past few years, I started out reading OOTS and then shortly began reading PVP and Penny-Arcade. Now I enjoy reading a large number of webcomics, to such a point that I’ve decided I really need to start my own. So start one I did… could of had better timing. I’m in the middle of a pretty tough semester at school and can barely find time to figure out how to get this whole thing working, but I will, because I want to do it. It looks like fun.
My good buddy Pat is doing it too, he’s in the same stage of development as I am currently but check him out at
On a personal note, since I’m out here on the web my wife has a website too. If you live in Salt Lake and need blinds you should check her out.

I kinda Changed her logo a bit, I think it looks cooler this way.