I’m not sure if us Americans screwed it up, or if English was already screwed up when we got it. One thing I do know is that the few words that we interpret differently are pretty interesting. I have found a bunch of these such words. Check ’em out!

American British
antenna aerial
alumnus graduate
anyplace anywhere
apartment flat
attorney barrister, solicitor
baby carriage pram
baggage luggage
bar pub
bill bank note
billboard hoarding
blow-out puncture
boiler grill
cab taxi
call collect reverse charges
can tin
candy sweets
checkers draughts
closet wardrobe
cookie biscuit
corn maize
crazy mad
crib cot
cuffs turn-ups
dessert sweet
diaper nappy
dish-towel tea-towel
divided highway dual carriageway
drapes curtains
drug store chemist’s
elevator lift
engineer engine driver
eraser rubber
faculty staff (of a university)
fall autumn
faucet tap
fender wing
first floor ground floor
flashlight torch
freeway motorway
french fries chips
garbage can dustbin, rubbish-bin
garbage collector dustman
garbage, trash rubbish
gasoline petrol
gear-lshift gear-lever
generator dynamo
highway main road
hobo tramp
hood bonnet
intermission interval
intersection crossroads
janitor caretaker
kerosene paraffin
line queue
liquor store off-license
mad angry
mail post
mailbox postbox
mailman, mail carrier postman
math maths
motor engine
movie film
muffler silencer
noplace nowhere
oil-pan sump
one-way single (ticket)
optometrist oculltist, optician
overpass flyover
pacifier dummy
panti-hose tights
pants trousers
patrolman constable
pavement road surface
peek peep
pitcher jug
potato chips potato crisps
private hospital nursing home
purse handbag
railroad railway
railway car railway carriage
raincoat mackintosch, raincoat
raise rise (in salary)
rest room public toilet
round trip return (ticket)
rubber condom
rubbers gumshoes, wellington boots
schedule timetable
Scotch tape sellotape
sedan saloon (car)
semester term
shorts underpants
shoulder (of road) verge (of road)
sick ill
sidewalk pavement
sneakers gymshoes, tennis-shoes
someplace somewhere
spigot tap (outdoors)
spool of thread reel of cotton
stingy mean
store shop
stove cooker
stroller push-chair
subway underground railway
suspenders braces
sweater jersey, jumper, pullover, sweater
the movies the cinema
thread cotton
thumbtack drawing-pin
traffic circle roudabout
trashcan dust-bin, rubbish-bin
truck lorry
trunk boot
turnpike toll motorway
vacation holiday
vacuum cleaner hoover
vest waistcoat
vicious, mean nasty
wash up wash your hands
wheat corn, wheat
windshield windscreen
wreck crash
wrench spanner
yard garden
zipper zip
British American
aerial antenna
angry mad
anywhere anyplace
autumn fall
bank note bill
barrister, solicitor attorney
biscuit cookie
bonnet hood
boot trunk
braces suspenders
caretaker janitor
chemist’s drug store
chips french fries
condom rubber
constable patrolman
cooker stove
corn, wheat wheat
cot crib
cotton thread
crash wreck
crossroads intersection
curtains drapes
draughts checkers
drawing-pin thumbtack
dual carriageway divided highway
dummy pacifier
dustbin, rubbish-bin garbage can
dust-bin, rubbish-bin trashcan
dustman garbage collector
dynamo generator
engine motor
engine driver engineer
film movie
flat apartment
flyover overpass
garden yard
gear-lever gear-lshift
graduate alumnus
grill boiler
ground floor first floor
gumshoes, wellington boots rubbers
gymshoes, tennis-shoes sneakers
handbag purse
hoarding billboard
holiday vacation
hoover vacuum cleaner
ill sick
interval intermission
jersey, jumper, pullover, sweater sweater
jug pitcher
lift elevator
lorry truck
luggage baggage
mackintosch, raincoat raincoat
mad crazy
main road highway
maize corn
maths math
mean stingy
motorway freeway
nappy diaper
nasty vicious, mean
nowhere noplace
nursing home private hospital
oculltist, optician optometrist
off-license liquor store
paraffin kerosene
pavement sidewalk
peep peek
petrol gasoline
post mail
postbox mailbox
postman mailman, mail carrier
potato crisps potato chips
pram baby carriage
pub bar
public toilet rest room
puncture blow-out
push-chair stroller
queue line
railway railroad
railway carriage railway car
reel of cotton spool of thread
return (ticket) round trip
reverse charges call collect
rise (in salary) raise
road surface pavement
roudabout traffic circle
rubber eraser
rubbish garbage, trash
saloon (car) sedan
sellotape Scotch tape
shop store
silencer muffler
single (ticket) one-way
somewhere someplace
spanner wrench
staff (of a university) faculty
sump oil-pan
sweet dessert
sweets candy
tap faucet
tap (outdoors) spigot
taxi cab
tea-towel dish-towel
term semester
the cinema the movies
tights panti-hose
timetable schedule
tin can
toll motorway turnpike
torch flashlight
tramp hobo
trousers pants
turn-ups cuffs
underground railway subway
underpants shorts
verge (of road) shoulder (of road)
waistcoat vest
wardrobe closet
wash your hands wash up
windscreen windshield
wing fender
zip zipper