Now I can plug anything directly into my car! I got myself one of these cool power inverter things from ThinkGeek has a ton of cool stuff for geeks. And what’s really cool is that they have this bonus program where you earn points every time you buy something and then you can get some free stuff, and the free stuff is actually some high quality stuff.

Here’s the little rundown of the power inverter I got:

Smart AC 120 USB Power Inverter Smart AC 120 USB Power Inverter

DC/AC Power Juggernaut If Tom Edison had his way we would all be happily humming along exclusively on DC power. Imagine the unity of one standard… Everything that works in your house would work in your car. Now that dream can become a fantastic reality where DC and AC power live harmoniously together in a garden utopia till the end of time. Simply plug the Smart AC 120 USB Power Inverter into your car’s cigarette lighter… then plug in any standard AC powered device. Need to use your dremel tool to design case mods while driving? No problem. Take all those old cigarette lighter adapters for your cell phone, pda, laptop etc. and throw them out the window while driving 55 in the fast lane. The Smart AC 120 USB Power Inverter has plenty of power to handle all the standard electronic devices you need to surround yourself with. It works great with laptops, dvd players, cell phones, televisions, game consoles, etc. Small power tools and portable fridges are its forte. Need more outlets? Plug in a power strip and create your own technology playground under your car seat. The Smart AC 120 USB Power Inverter is the only DC/AC power juggernaut you will ever need.