So Comic 2 has been posted.. wahoo! No words just actions. I think it worked out quite nicely. That dudes arm looks awful but whattayado?

So right now I’m sitting outside my Philosophy class waiting for the teacher to call me in. He’s this way cool Russian guy but his teaching methods are somewhat, how should i say it, different. We all took a test that took an hour and now he is having everyone wait out in the hall while he calls us back in one at a time to go over what we are supposed to be doing in the class. Unfortunately he is doing it in alphabetical order and with a last name like Steadman that puts me quite a ways down the list. I hate you Aaron Aaronson. You and you children and you children’s children, well except Cindy who married Zachary Zornenburger. she’s fine, but the rest of you suck!!! Seriously though it gave me some time to sit and work on my comic so that’s pretty sweet.