With all of the crap being flung around about the recent judgment in California, I think it is interesting just how against Gay Marriage the ‘christian’ world is. Jesus Christ spent all of his time on earth trying to teach love and understanding of those different from us, and it’s his ‘followers’ that are so hell-bent on stopping this. I don’t know about you but but when my friend Steve get’s married to his fiance next month, It doesn’t weaken my marriage one bit. In fact I would say that the fact that people who get married for non-religious reasons actually strengthen the power of marriage whether they be gay straight or otherwise. If there is something so special about marriage that it is desired by everyone, shouldn’t that right be given to everyone?

BTW. I don’t really think that this is how it really happened and that John changed it at the last second in favor of more readers, but that’s not to say that I don’t think it’s possible either.