Today was earth day. My company had us all go out and clean the parking lot. It probably should have been done by someone in the janatorial proffession, it probably should be done daily.

My lab instructor said yesterday that he would be there at 10:30. Well he wasn’t there yet at 11:40 and that really grinds my gears. The guy is a total slacker on his side of the instructor student relationship and leaves absolutely no wiggle room from the student. I once had a program perfect, and he wanted me to change one line in the documentation of it. It delayed my completetion of the lab by 5 minutes and he therefore gave me half of the points.

Now Emily is asking me if I talk trash about her in my blog. I don’t. She’s great. I am glad to have her. There babe, I told you I don’t talk trash about you in my blog.