So I was browsing the web and ran across the ehow website. Turns out they way they work is people write how to articles for them, and if your article generates some advertising revenue they split a bit of it out for you. Seemed simple enough, so I wrote a few articles, five to be exact, just to kinda get my feet wet and see how it works. Well one of my articles was suddenly missing, and there was no explanation as to why. Well Screw you guys, I don’t need your fancy pants website to post my how to articles. I have my own website and I’ll post whatever I damn well please. So here’s the article they pulled. Oh yeah, and if you do a search for how to not suck, you will still see my article, but if you click the link it won’t go anywhere, and then they still have the article How to suck cock like a Pro. EXCUSE ME !? They will publish stuff like that on there and a light-hearted article about personal improvement is removed?

eHow, read the article I wrote and take it to heart because you truly suck!