Oh freedom, freedom, thou art merely three days away. How I long for thee. I am so excited for the summer to come. I am gonna have to keep busy if I want to accomplish everything that I plan to, but I think I can pull it off. I’m gonna put some serious work into Emily’s company, and if it goes well enough we can hopefully get enough income from it to support the both of us and get an actual store.

I think once we can afford a store it will really help to stabilize the company both in actuality and the eyes of enough consumers that it will work out really well. We don’t want a lot. We just want enough to support the both of us. Really what it comes down to is that she needs something where she doesn’t have to be told by other inferior managers what to do, and I need something that can work around my school schedule well enough come spring next year. True it’s not really the economy to be starting a business in but I think there are several angles that we could go for that would capture at least a little activity. last year the business only had a few sales and we almost broke even. This year we don’t have all of the start-up expenses

I also have plans to really expand this thing. I know that there are approximately 3,000 webcomics out there. Many of which are better than mine. Many of which are not. I think I have a sense of humor and a vision that can very much work out. I have a unique world already. It may be a little bit of a mismash of other webcomics but, not entirely. I really need to practice my drawing though. I have a hard time drawing the same person twice from different angles. But y’know after looking at some of the original strips from Penny-Arcade and Questionable Content I realize that really it’s the passion that needs to drive the comic, and that over time any artistic short-comings can be overcome with artistry. Hmmm that phrase sure was confusing. Let me rephrase that: if you can’t draw perfectly, love drawing imperfectly and before you know it it will get better and better. Lately there has been too little time to devote to it. but as I have been saying, here comes the summer of dreams, lets hope it goes better than the winter of dreams did.

A few days ago I mentioned that I wanted to share a paper of mine, follow this link to see it.