So I planned to draw up a comic today, and amidst writer’s block and other issues the comic simply didn’t happen. whoops!

Apparently the word on the web though is that Bill Gates says Linux is better than Windows. A friend of mine E-mailed me about it. A quote in the E-mail is :

“I never really liked Windows all that much,” said Gates, “All that crashing and rebooting drove me nuts. I stopped using it about 3 years ago, but it was a pretty good money maker for the company so we stuck with it.

Very interesting. I still run Vista on the top, but maybe I should really reconsider that. My Hard drive is packed with good stuff at the moment so I’m quite concerned about switching. I have backed up everything though so I may make the full switch. Maybe I’ll just stick with VirtualBox usage.

Dang My writer’s block just died and it’s time for bed. Well hopefully I’ll get some work done tomorrow.

*update: The whole Gates quote is a complete April Fools Joke that is apparantly still spreading around the web. Quinn is just about to get a good return E-mail.