If you are reading this, NASA was right. The world didn’t end, or maybe Dikembe Mutombo saved it. But what was all of the hoopla about anyway?

Turns out that we are now entering what ancient Mayan astronomers called the ’13th Baktun’, represented as The Mayan calendar is actually just like any modern calendar. It’s cyclical. Just like the world didn’t end with Y2K, or December 31st of any random year. It actually is a really advanced and somewhat interesting system. It tracks the motion of the solar system through the Galaxy rather than only the earth around the sun. For a full break down check out this site. But what’s interesting is that in a little less than 400 years, there will be more doomsayers because that will mark the end of the 13th Baktun, the one that just started today. And a pik’tun is made up of 13 baktuns. The date then will be according to ancient Mayan astronomy. But enough about then, this is now. It’s time to make the most of this Baktun, because you know you didn’t do your best with the 12th baktun. Sure you weren’t alive for most of it, but you can either make excuses or make something of yourself. Here’s hoping you make a New Baktun’s Resolution that you can really stick to.