So My comic is up in the Piperka webcomic bookmarker thingy. I found that a lot of my favorite comics are the top ranking comics on their site so I figure I might as well be on the thing. It’s pretty cool, You can just have a bookmark to the piperka page and it will automatically notify you anytime a new comic has been posted in one of the comics you subscribe to. It’s pretty convenient.

So Easter is coming right up and I am excited, pretty much just not having to come in to work tomorrow is plenty for me. I was rejected from the wikipedia today. Too bad too. To be fair a big reason why I was trying to get into the Wikipedia was so that I could hopefully get this thing more out there, more noticed. But beyond that I think it’s just down right awesome to be in the wikipedia. Apparently they have something against people just putting their comic up when you are no one particularly special. I guess that would be a status mark that I should shoot for, to be accepted into Wikipedia. It’s gonna take a lot of comics, and a lot more readers. But it’s a long term goal y’know? I think I have done pretty well this month. so far it’s been two weeks, two comics, and a blog almost everyday. No actually I think that I published Bulletin in the end of march… yep March 27th. well dang I’m already two days late on the next comic and I just posted the last one yesterday. Come on self, you gotta get up to weekly, weekly is the first step. Well I guess if you count the Femsys as a half comic and since it’s only been a week and a half I’m not too far behind schedule. That’s motivating! Alright well We’re up to 5 of the last 7 days having a post so I’ve gotta keep this up. I might make it to a full week with new posts. That’d be sweet.

Seriously though I’m not doing this for any sort of financial gain, although it would be nice. I am doing this because I love wecomics, I love Music, I love technology, and I just want to create stuff. If there is anyway that I can make a living off of creating things I am so all over that it’s not even funny. Well Web-peoples have a good day.