So I think the comic is coming along, I need to put more time into it and start updating weekly at least, but I am getting better at it. I got my Wacom tablet so that makes things a whole heck of a lot easier, problem is that now that I have tools that enable me to do a better job I end up spending even more time trying to get things to look right. I’m trying to stop that though and just post stuff. Perfect or not quantity is important.

I figured out that I have approximately 3 years of school left. seeing as I already have more than 3 years under my belt 6 years total for a 4 year degree is still pretty frustrating but at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, however faint and distant it may be.

Emily’s still trying to get her business off of the ground, we’ve been getting a few more customers but really the economy is being pretty rough right now. Not many people buy Blinds when they aren’t sure if they’ll have a job tomorrow. Custom Elegance sustains itself though so hopefully when the economy turns around people will be really sick of their dusty old blinds and want some nice ones.

Well That’s my blog for today, (or the past 4 months) I need to write this thing more often. Oh well, I’m a busy man and there’s only so much time in a week.