Wow, I can’t believe how that gets less and less ‘punny’ every time it is said.

So today Emily cooked up some really good chickens and we had her family over and then we went over to my parents house for desert later. The banana cream pie was still somewhat frozen but it was good. I really enjoyed my weekend, which is good considering how much i didn’t enjoy my week, and how sick and tired I was of life by friday.

Amidst my relaxing I have been able to get a good start on the next comic. Depending on when my Lab teacher shows up tomorrow I may post it soon or later next week. There’s gonna be a new character. I’ve also noticed that none of the characters have been explicitly named in the comic so that needs to be done. They have names. The jittery tech-savvy fellow is named Steve and the blonde guy who’s life is like a videogame is Chuck.