Sothis weekend was a a nice relaxing weekend. On Friday night we went over to my sister-in-law’s and had a barbecue with friends, and then on Saturday I watched a whole butt-load of TV and finally was able to catch a movie I’ve been wanting to see (Watchmen). Then I went to a baby shower, (yeah being a guy it was my first baby shower, but I wasn’t the only one there). Then Sunday morning we found out that the baby was already on her way and was born before noon! So we went and met the new baby and ten chilled out at the fair the rest of the day. The Fair was fun. We saw some Alligator wrestling, that was especially cool.

It is really crazy to see a girl one day with this big huge belly, and then the next day she has this teeny tiny little person. It’s amazing. She was growing a tiny human in there! it’s just nuts to think about.

Watchmen was beautifully executed on screen. Most things that were changed I could completely understand where they they were coming from and why they had to. they left out the little kid at the newspaper stand reading the weird pirate comic, and a bunch of things were cut down. I’m glad that they didn’t cut out the part with Rorschach in the jail with the guys coming to get him. That was a good part to keep. And I think they really hit each of the main characters spot on. I also liked how many scenes followed the comic word for word. But I didn’t like how they changed the ending.


The people are not supposed to be afraid of Dr. Manhattan forever. That simply won’t last. I dunno, maybe the alien thing woulda just looked cheesy on the big screen but it really leaves the world with a type of fear altogether. I can understand humanity uniting against aliens, thank you very much Independence Day, but really people don’t stand a chance against Dr. Manhattan so I don’t know where the motivation would really lie there. They sorta allude to an idea that Manhattan destroyed those cities for the purpose of preventing the nuclear war, but unless Manhattan flat-out says that’s why he did it, and announces it to the whole world, people will doubt that was the cause pretty quickly.