So last Tuesday at midnight I took a plane to JFK in New York and then Emily and I went to Jamaica! It was so fun, she won this trip from one of her suppliers in her blinds company from selling their products. We went to this all inclusive resort in a place called Ocho Rios down there. we climbed a waterfall, we had great food, it was just way freakin’ sweet! I have realized though that I cannot be going around in marketplaces or nothing like that, I am a total sucker. There was this dude that got me for 20 bucks for these little wooden figurines that I didn’t even want, and this other guy got me to buy this DVD for $30. but luckily I was able to say no to the girl who wanted to charge me $65 to put some Jamaican braids in my hair. We got back Sunday I have developed a bit of a cold, I have the next comic mostly done, I’ll try to post it later today. If not then hopefully tomorrow.