So yesterday I was planning on drawing up and posting a new comic, well that didn’t happen because I discovered my landlord recently got some more channels on the cable and I now have the G4 channel. Yesterday I spent several hours watching the E3 coverage on there. There is some stuff that I am really excited about. There was this game that is coming out on X-box Live, Shadow something or other, it looks really really cool. It’s about this guy that discovers this huge underground military base and his girl-friend is captured in there. The thing that makes the game so cool is that it plays like a 2d side scroller. a lot like old-school Metroid. I unfortunately do not own a 360 and as such have no access to xbox live and can’t play the game. That’s a bit of a downer. But the game looks really cool.

Speaking of Metroid, the new Metroid game looks awesome! I can’t wait to ge my hands on that. And the Super Mario Bros. Wii looks really really cool too. 4 player co-op mario bros. Has been a dream of mine for years and years and years and years. We got a glimpse of it on that one particular level on Smash Bros. I really am excited about it. Unfortunately it will be a long time before we get a chance to play these things but I’m excited about them.