Today was really fun, we went to our friend Stormy’s new house and she had a little birthday party, which we unfortunately had to leave early, but the fun thing was that we left to go to a Bonfire party at my friend Paul’s house. It was cool. we drove completely the wrong way. I thought that it was up east of I-215 but it was actually right by Emily’s mom’s house and she was nay too impressed with my incorrectness. Also I had not read the invitation thoroughly enough nor the sign-up sheet for bringing stuff to realize that it was B.Y.O.Meat. Whoops! Emily was again not very happy with me about this. luckilly Quinn had acquired a large sum of meat and was willing to share, unfortunately Emily was not willing to partake for the reason of her properness and felt it was not fair to mooch off of the others whilst we had ourselves failed to bring proper sustanence.