Although they are few, I would like to apologize to my fans about the crappy updating this summer. I had to squeeze an extra class into my school schedule for financial aid reasons and I haven’t had very much time to draw comics. But fear not the class was a multimedia class with a lot of photoshop stuff so it will in the end benefit the quality of the comic. You may have already noticed some updates to the page layout and things. I have learned a butt-load of tricks and techniques that will help things here have a much more polished look and I’m really excited about it. Here are a few small examples of the things I’ve learned how to do.

This Wrench was completely made from scratch. It almost looks real! Not quite real and I realize now that normal wrenches aren’t square but It looks pretty good.

This egret and fire hydrant are just some artsy fartsy alterations on a photograph but I can transfer some of these techniques into the comic pretty easily.

Then I have taken the russian word for fire and lit it on fire. Pretty cool eh?

Then I have created an alternate source of the Irken Invaders. I know that Zim showed that they were test-tube babies that had bionic packs attached at birth. But maybe that is just the invaders. Perhaps there is an un-altered natural origin for Irkens. So here we have Organic Irken Fetuses.