So today my job was having a mandatory forced vacation day (no work, no holiday pay) so the plan was to get up early and go to school at 8 and attend two classes and work in the Lab all day untill I am caught up. Well that didn’t happen, and I coudn’t be happier! I woke up at 6:30 as planned, took a shower, and then came out and sat on the couch, and I sat, and I sat. I watched some cartoons (there are way too many pokemon spin-offs) and switched around between VH1 and comedy central and cartoon network for a few hours. Then I decided to start playing Guitar Hero to get my blood pumping. I played through a bunch of the songs and then played some Zelda four swords, and generally accomplished absolutely nothing today. I feel great for doing it too. I may end up regretting it quite a bit when I realize that I still need to somehow cram my labs in around my already bloated schedule, but for now the day was well spent.