So I moved last weekend, and I have been really busy trying to get all of my school work caught up to cover what I didn’t do while I was moving. So the comic has unfortunately fallen by the wayside. I did get my laptop back, much faster than I thought I would actually, and I will be getting some more full color comics up soon.

Last night I was out at this late night internet Cafe since I don’t have Internet at my new house. I was dead tired last night. My head hurt, my legs hurt, my arms hurt, my general torso area hurt, my toes hurt, my fingers were fine though. I took myself 2000 mg of Ibuprofin and went to bed. Felt great this morning and then went to school. I did realize unfortunately that one of the answers I gave on a physics test this morning doesn’t make any sense though shortly after I turned in the test. The question was about if you had a telescope on the moon pointed at mars how clearly could you see things? My answer was up to a 7 nanometer difference, but that’s not possible since the wavelength of visible light is over 400. If you understood that you may be a geek.