So today I pretty much worked all day. My managers at work asked me to create this report a while ago that compiled all of their information down into a simple and concise weekly or monthly summary. It took some tough work, doing things I’ve never done before, but I got it done. But then one of them keeps asking for more and more details on the thing. It’s really annoying. If she wants all of the details she should just run the report herself, and deal with the raw data. That’s practically what she’s asking me to do. Sometimes it just makes me so mad when people who have no idea what they are even looking for tell you what to show them. She is asking for completely useless pieces of info and I really can’t stand it.

That is why I am so excited about the opportunity that is coming my way in a little less than two weeks. I am gonna be taking the summer off from school. Although that’s sorta normal for most people I have always just gone to school just so long as I had the money to do so. Well this summer I am not. I am gonna use my extra time to attempt running this baby like a true blue proffesional webcomic. I’m gonna fake it till I make it. Comic 11 is under way and I hope to post it this weekend. That really depends on whether or not I get my fat lazy butt out of bed when I should this weekend and get my homework done. I’ve got a ton of work to do to wrap up the semester. I’m behind in my differential equations class and have a bunch of makeup and extra credit stuff to crank out too. Then I have to have all of my labs done no later than friday. I’ve got 5 to finish and some aren’t even started. So This next week probably will be a bit crazy.

Now Emily is trying to pressure me into getting off the internet. I know what I need to do to get her computer working but I never have free time when the stores are open. Neither does she. I thought she was gonna be going to get her phone but it looks like that was my phone. Pat says you know what’s funny? I aslways thought dogs laid eggs… I learned something today. That sure is a strange thing to say. No doubt he quoted it from something. I wonder what that could be?