Howdy World wide web people. So I’ve made the decision that regardless of anything I really need to bust my butt on this comic of mine. I’m am geek enough that I know I can do it. I am creative enough that I know I can do it. And both of each that I feel I must.

Yesterday morning I had a very psychic moment. I had this dream that my front door was open and that my cat had gotten out. He’s an inside one-eyed cat and so I was quite worried. So in my dream I go to the door and I grab his bag of treats and crinkle it and call out “Matey!” and he comes runnin’. So I wake up with a really clear vision of what just happened in my dream. I think to myself “That was a very unusually vivid dream.” And then I got up and looked down the hall and sure enough the door was open! I go running out and grab Matey’s treats and call his name and he comes running. 100% true story. Freaked the hell outta me. But then again I have always known that there is more to the universe than meets the oscilloscope.