Today I took the day off of work, but I didn’t gain any free time from it. I ended up working on my labs at school for many, many, many hours. I think I am almost done with one class now and the other I hope to have time to complete them all tomorrow. Then I need to get all of my homework finished up for the lecture portions of these classes and get everything finished up. AND in the midst of all of this I need to create some test keys for my math class.

This semester has been very hard. It has been very abstract and analytical. I have learned all sorts of things I never knew before. And it’s always math math math. Calculating impedance, calculating LaPlace transformations, calculating the most simple boolean expression. oi. It has been a semester of looking at the world through new eyes.

I wrote a really funny paper for extra credit in my Math Class. I think I should post it on here somehow. I’m not sure of the easiest way to post a word Document though. Maybe I can use word to convert to HTML and then post it in a frame on here? Well, if that is the case I’m not gonna have time to figure that out tonight. I’m so sleepy. I want to go to bed. But I have so much Homwork to do. Oh the agony!

Update: The paper I wrote.