So I just got back from the new Transformers movie. I’d heard that a lot of people didn’t like it. A lot of critics had a lot to say negatively about it. I thought it was great. not a 10/10, definitely not an 11. but a solid 9 in my book. All the critics who say otherwise can ‘”suck my popsicle.” It was beautifully rendered, action packed, had my flavor of comedy, and (not that I have eyes for anyone but my dear sweet wife) Megan fox was a testament to the beauty of God’s creation and the devils temptation all wrapped into one. Would I watch it again? HELL YES! Will I buy the DVD? Probably not until its released in a boxed set with all three movies. That reminds me, what does one have to do to to get all 6 Star Wars movies in one nice Boxed set? I know that they’ve got all the DVD’s looking all nice and neat now, and they look just beautiful sitting in a row, but I am a package deal kinda guy. Anywho, if you are debating whether or not you should go see Transformers 2, GO! Go now before it’s not in IMAX theaters.