So although I didn’t actually let the comment through, I’ve received my first real criticism of the comic. T_burd_boy has informed me that “I haven’t seen any form of irony. Predictable or otherwise. Also, I’ve seen no humor. Well, nothing particularly funny. And is it just me, or does everyone seem to have a nose shaped like a penis?”

After much deliberation I have concluded that the most proper response to this query is to note the following:

  • Predictable Irony is not neccesarily intended to be a description of the content of the comic, merely an oxymoron that I myself have come to like over the years. Although Comic 18 is based on the Irony of Murphy’s law, and is foreshadowed, which I believe does make it predictable. Although this was not intended.
  • The humor of Predictable Irony, other than a select few comics, are not intended to be humorous to everyone. If a joke passes over your head from time to time it is possibly due to the fact that webcomics are able to aim themselves at such a select audience that this particular joke may elude you at the moment.
  • Lastly and most importantly, If your Penis looks like any character’s nose you should probably see a doctor. The only exception to this is David and Doloris. Actually if your Penis looks like Doloris’ nose you may have seriously injured yourself and still should also seek medical attention. I make no apologies for the phallicity of David’s nose.

Anyway T_burd_boy, I thank you for your remarks. I have not yet had any criticism, and it feels like quite the milestone.

Sorry future Critics, I probably won’t be able to dedicate a blog post to you in the future. That seems a tad over-the-top.