So this morning I got up and went to take my Electrical circuits final. I got there at 8:02 and everyone was already taking the test. I went up to the teachers desk and got the test and she said “You’re late”, I said “I know”, then she says “did you not know that the exam was at 7?” and I said “WHAT! I thought it was at 8!!” then she said, “Good luck, you have an hour.”

So luckilly I was able to complete the test, but I didn’t have any time to double check my work. so I hope I did well. Then I went to work, and then I had my math final. And it was a good thing that I was on time because I needed every last minute of the two hours, but there was one thing that I really simply could not remember so I didn’t even actually finish. It was a tough test.

Now there is only one left, and freedom can ensue. I am so excited!