I posted two comics so far this month. Which means I have met my goal for this first week. And I still have tomorrow ahead of me. Depending on how long my ‘Honey-do’ list that Emily is working on ends up being. I may have time to make that 3 tomorrow. But she’s still working on it so I’m not sure how likely that will be.

Anywho, Great News! I paid off my car yesterday! Wahoo! I have an asset! It’s about time too. My 25th birthday is one week away. 25 years old. Holy crap that seems so old to me at this point. I remember a few years ago when my boss at work was on the phone saying “I’m 25 years old and I have a wife and two kids and I have my own house and my own company” blah blah blah. Am I jealous? possibly. More I think it’s that I my mathematically inclined mind tells me that I am a quarter of a centry old, I graduated from high school seven years ago. And I still have a good three years of school ahead of me. Well hopefully the world doesn’t end December 21 2012 cuz then I really wasted a lot of time.