Well it is April now. I am already working on the next comic and plan to have it up soon. You may notice that we have ads now. Yep, I’m trying to look like a big boy. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY CLICK ON THE LINKS AND BUY THEIR SERVICES, PLEASE !!!! Seriously though I only advertise people that I have had good experiences with so as far as I know they are decent companies. Now that I have ads that generate cookies that probably means that I need to put some sort of a privacy policy on here. Thing is I have never ever ever ever ever ever ever read one of those things so how am I supposed to know what goes into one of them? Until I figure that out here’s what it is for now. I am not here to capture any personal information for any reason whatsoever. The links on this page may create a cookie and if you go and buy stuff from the folks on this here website they will know that you came from PredictableIrony.com. Although I have had no bad experiences with my affiliates, (I think that’s what they’re called now), I leave the way they run their business up to them and if you have a bad experience with them it sure as hell isn’t my fault. In summary, I don’t care who you are and am not here to steal anything from you, and although I do what I know how to in order to ensure the quality of these guys on here, I can’t be responsible for what they do.

That being said, Happy April Fool’s day. I hope that a lot of crap is going down right now with the conficker virus but that nobody gets hurt. ‘Cuz it sure is fun when news happens, but it sure does suck when the innocent get tromped on by technology. But it’s still funny as hell.