Hello World! So I was planning on using the christmas break to really sink my teeth into this baby and get some nice comics up. Well, as you can see we’re still in the bathroom. It was nice having two weeks off of work in the middle of a month off of school, but I got a little caught up enjoying it all with my wife and the strip sorta fell by the way-side. Iv’e been thinking about it alot though and there are some scripts bouncing around in my head so I should be posting some new stuff soon.

Today I got a coupon in the mail for $10 off any purchase of $10 or more (yeah that’s basically a ten dollar gift card) to Office Max, so I popped down there and now I’ve got myself a Wacom drawing tablet on the way. That should make everything alot easier so I am excited. And if I have any fans out there yet, you should be excited too. Once I get my tablet I’m gonna plan on making a weekly update. If I can pull that off consistantly I’m hoping to switch to Bi-weekly, and so on. Later web peoples!