The main reason I haven’t updated anything on my site here in the past year + is that I have been super busy with school. I made an attempt to start another webcomic, with a much simpler art technique which enabled me to update more frequently, but overall I just haven’t had the time to manage a webcomic. This is still something that I am passionate about, and the characters of Predictable Irony are very much fleshed out in my head and I have begun to fall in love with them. This is especially true for Linda, and Steve. But I can’t wait to flesh out the others and really make this something that I can be proud of. I do like where the comic stands at the moment, 50 strips is (I think) a good round number, and the strip i finished on is somewhat representative of my better work. I wish it would have been one that was a little bit more universally appealing from a audience creation standpoint; sometimes I feel like the number of people out there who can see the blatant hypocrisy and vileness of the way the majority of Christianity treats homosexuals is such a small number. But it’s a point of view I stand behind and I’m glad it’s been my strip to the world for the past 16 months.

On to the point.

The most intense and difficult semester thus far in my education is now drawing to a close. I have one thing left to do for each of my classes and then I’m gonna bust out my copy of Zelda I bought last month, and then I’m gonna draw some freaking comics. Both here and on my other comic. Sad thing is that with all of the political fodder out there right now my other comic really can capitalize on that junk. and here I’ve been sitting around busting my ass on homework assignments.

Stay tuned…