Today I was planning on getting some comic time but I instead went out on the town with my wife. We went to the X-men Origins: Wolverine movie.

Hmmm so apparently Saber-tooth and Wolverine are brothers via adultery. Interesting… very interesting. Yeah I’m not as big a geek as I could be.

So I thought it was really good. There was not nearly enough of Gambit, and the character development was cut-down to little more than the bare minimum. And there were a couple of scenes that were far to obviously CGI. Now that the complaints are over… It was way better than X3 and I’ve watched that several times and still enjoyed it. I don’t care what anyone says. Sure Magneto was far more concerned with making things dramatic, chess like, and drawn out than he should have been. He held on to his queen for far too long and let all of his pawns die rather than just whipping her out and slaughtering them all. But I still thought it was cool.